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Mar 04,  · Harriet Tubman Essays (Examples) It has also been referred to as the anti-slavery movement. As a result of the abolitionist movement, slavery was abolished in Europe and America by the last half of the 19th century. Africa finally stopped the . Harriet tubman Essay. Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave. She helped so many of her black people that she became known as “Moses of Her People.” During the civil war she served the union army as a nurse, spy, cook, and scout. She was also conductor on the Underground Railroad. She was a . Harriet Tubman was an influential figure in both, the Underground Railroad and multiple anti-slavery movements. Clearly defined, the Underground Railroad was the series of pathways and stations used by runaways in their escape to freedom (Schraff 24).

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Harriet Tubman is known for helping slaves escape to freedom through the Harriet tubman essays Railroad. She also volunteered to become a spy during the Civil War. Her efforts eventually helped the Union win the war, harriet tubman essays. She was born in and in she escaped slavery. She would help others escape slavery a little at a time which included friends and family.

The Underground Railroad was her secret network developed to help slaves become harriet tubman essays. When Tubman was born her original name was Araminta Harriet Ross.

Tubman came from a family that included enslaved parents. She had siblings that would soon be sold into slavery and to nearby plantations. She endured physical violence throughout her childhood and some led to permanent injuries. She later married a free black man little knew about. His name was John Tubman and when she married him she took his last name and chooses to have her first name as Harriet.

In she made her escape from slavery when her owner passed away. She helped others escape slavery and became an abolitionist for civil rights, harriet tubman essays.

During this time she fled to Philadelphia where she would develop a network known as the Underground Railroad, harriet tubman essays. She used this to help her travel more than 90 miles into PA, harriet tubman essays. She would later make a number of trips back and forth from Maryland to Pennsylvania to help her family and friends escape slavery. Around the Fugitive Slave Law was passed which made escaped slaves become eligible to be a slave again.

The Underground Railroad was rerouted to Canada by Tubman since the country prohibits slavery. As Tubman continued to route escapees to the north, evidence suggests she may have met with Frederick Douglass, another abolitionist along with Job Brown.

She later worked with the union as a nurse and cook, harriet tubman essays. She was an active force during the Civil War and guided more than slaves to freedom. She acquired land in New York and lived her remaining years there until her health took a turn. She got married a second time before having health issues which were related to head injuries sustained harriet tubman essays her childhood as a slave, harriet tubman essays.

A nursing home was named after her in Massachusetts. She lived here after undergoing brain surgery and passed away surrounded by family and friends in She was buried with military honors in home town of Auburn, harriet tubman essays.

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Harriet Tubman In Minty Ross was born at Dorchester County, Maryland. She was black, which meant that her childhood was based on labor; she took care of children and worked at . Dec 05,  · Harriet Tubman Essay Words | 3 Pages. Harriet Tubman was an important African American who ran away from slavery and guided runaway slaves to the north for years. During the Civil War she served as a scout, spy, and nurse for the United States Army. Download an essay example of Harriet Tubman on FreeEssayHelp. Huge database of popular free topics, dozen types of essays, term papers, case studies on Harriet Tubman.